As a Professional EOS(R) Implementer I help companies and their leadership teams get what they want from their business. 

What does that mean, exactly? 

How does your company look? 

When you walk in, do you see people smiling, helping each other, getting their work done on time and well? Do you see people excited about hitting or beating their “numbers” (their KPIs, their metrics, their goals)? Do you see profitability? Do you see people “doing what they love, with the people they love, making a significant difference, being compensated appropriately, with time to pursue their other passions?”

Or, do you not look much like that at all – though you’d like to!

In EOS(R) language, we use the word “traction” to explain the more tactical piece of this. It means that everyone in the company is working toward the vision, executing on the goals and priorities, disciplined in following the processes and agreed upon way of working within the company. Traction is almost like being “in the flow” – everyone doing what they enjoy, doing it well, and moving the company forward. Everyone is disciplined, executing, and accountable – to themselves and others. 

As the leader, there’s something you can do about that. 

The Pandemic

Here’s what I found fascinating about leaders during the pandemic. Some leaders went into hiding. Some leaders felt like they were treading in molasses rather than water. And some leaders went into “so, what now?” mode. Sink, tread water, swim. What did you and your leadership team do?

All of my clients went into “what can we do now/instead” mode. Most survived and many even thrived during the pandemic. I had a couple who are just now making the upward swing again due to being in the entertainment industry. But even during the worst of times, they held on, they rallied the troops, they strategized, and even more, they DID something. They took action. No one hid. 

Sometimes my clients weren’t quite sure what the right path was, or even the next step, but by taking action, determining each step of the way, “is this solid ground? Can we move forward well here?”, they took action. They made decisions. Sometimes they made missteps – who didn’t in this past crazy year! But trying, testing, falling back, they still made forward progress. And they’re proud of what they have accomplished. And they’re looking forward to even greater progress in 2022!


Traction is taking action toward your vision, your BHAG (big hairy audacious goal), your daily decisions to reach your long term plan. 

So, to follow EOS(R), you create the vision, you get great people on board, you measure progress (and gaps), you deal with issues once and for all, you create processes that give you 80% of the consistent success in your business, then – traction. You make sure you have the actions to back it all up, the communication to ensure everyone is on the same page, and the clarity in your daily, weekly, and monthly priorities to achieve your quarterly, annual and longer goals. 

A Client Example

A great example of this is a client I have who struggled in the beginning of our working together to get the right people for their vision. After a year-ish of talking about the vision, seeing exactly what it will look like, making the daily decisions to get there, they realized that one whole department had to go. The people in the department weren’t a culture fit. They didn’t believe in the vision. They were experts, and thus needed, but they caused so much chaos throughout the company that the company could not grow. 

Once they made that hard decision of letting the whole department go, they found another company to outsource the work to, and the stress relief was palpable the next time I walked into the office. There were smiles on their faces, laughter in the hallways, clarity on roles and responsibilities. It’s been several months now and the company is more profitable than ever, the people are happier, and they have the right people who believe in the vision and love doing the work necessary to get there. 

It took a lot of being able to envision the future they wanted, strength to “pull the plug” on the department that was holding them back, and realizing that what they thought was “core” to their business was actually important but not important to have in-house. It was a whole new view of their company!

They realized that by becoming strategic leaders who were able to look at their business from a board member’s point of view rather than a worker’s point of view enabled them to do what was right for the company and for their people! They are working better, working less, and being great leaders in their work and great parents in their home. 

What do you want from your business? 

They wanted clarity in direction, a happy, productive team, and a more profitable business. They want to lead from wherever they are in the world. They want more time with their kids. They have transformed their business (on two continents) into one that they are so much closer to getting absolutely everything they want from their business. 

How about you? Are you getting what you want from your business? 

If I and/or EOS(R) can help, reach out. We’re here to help! 

In fact, our passion is helping entrepreneurs live their ideal lives by getting what they want from their business. And what we do best is helping entrepreneurial leadership teams gain traction. 

Let us help you get what you want from your business.