Apex Catalyst Group believes in leveraging the power of education and entrepreneurship to help empower females across the globe. We are giving 10% of everything we earn to three nonprofits who supports girls and women to learn, grow, and have opportunities to change their lives for the better forever.

The three nonprofits we support with our time, talent, and treasure are:

Malala Fund

Malala Fund is working for a world where every girl can learn and lead. Malala Fund’s Education Champion Network supports the work of educators and advocates and helps bolster girls’ secondary education around the world.

“We need to encourage girls that their voice matters. I think there are hundreds and thousands of Malala’s out there.” ~ Malala Yousafzai

We are in advocacy campaigns to change local and national policies that hinder girls’ education access. Malala Fund supports Education Champions in Afghanistan, Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Turkey. We’re working for 12 years of free, safe, quality education for every girl.

I chose the Malala Fund because I believe that when girls and women are educated, their voice and contributions to society are far stronger and have more impact than when they are held down. The Malala Fund is rated platinum level as a nonprofit in GuideStar.*

To learn more about the Malala Fund, please go to Malala Fund.

Zoe Empowers

Orphans have the power to end extreme poverty. We equip orphans with tools and training to overcome life-threatening poverty for good.

I chose Zoe Empowers because we ran into their program while in Maua, Kenya working with our missionary at the hospital. They connected us to a 14-year-old girl who had gone through the 3-year program and was about to graduate. She’d learned the trade of seamstress and needed her own equipment. For $100 we were able to provide her the sewing machine, all the materials, buttons, zippers, and more, needed to start her own business. $100! Just 10-20 trips to Starbucks started this girl, who was raising 4 siblings on her own, in her own career. The positive impact rippled from her life to her family’s life to the impacting the community and the kids in the Zoe Empowers program who are coming up after her! All because of this amazing program and a mere $100.

I chose them because they work with kids who are head of household because their parents died of AIDs. They learn how to take care of their siblings, how feed and clothe them, take care of their illnesses, how to become an entrepreneur and self-sustaining, that God is a loving God. They focus on food security, secure housing, income generation, child rights, health & hygiene, education, community, and spiritual strength. Zoe Empowers is rated platinum by the GuideStar program!*

To learn more about Zoe Empowers, please go to Zoe Empowers.

Empowering Women as Leaders

Reshaping women’s lives through scholarships, mentoring, and networking. Founded in 2004, EWL provides scholarship assistance to non-traditional college age women who often face challenges with obtaining traditional financial support. We go the distance with our scholars by providing them with mentors and networking opportunities while they are in college and as they take on leadership roles in their careers. Empowering Women as Leaders has sponsored over 100 women in re-inventing their lives through scholarships and mentoring. EWL has awarded $250,000 in scholarships. Our STARs graduate with an average GPA of 3.5 and we have a success rate of 94%. Please join us in making a difference in women’s lives through donations, membership, and mentoring.

I chose EWL because I am on the National Board and truly believe in this program. I believe in what they have done and are doing for providing an opportunity for these smart women who simply need a hand up to positively impact their lives and the lives of their families forever. Empowering Women as Leaders is rated silver by the GuideStar program!*

To learn more about Empowering Women as Leaders, please go to EWLUSA.org.

* GuideStar rates nonprofits and the platinum rating means they are transparent in providing in-depth financial information; qualitative information about goals, strategies, and capabilities; and quantitative information about results and progress.