“In real life, as it is in fiction, character is both formed and revealed when we are tested. When we are forced to make decisions under pressure, that test can either make us stronger or it can highlight our weaknesses and crack us into pieces.”    ~ Bryan Cranston, A Life in Parts


There is lots of talk about resiliency lately. Making it through this C-19 world shut down. For some of the world, because families are shut in together, domestic abuse is on the rise. For others, a tighter bond is being forged. For those of us who are living alone, some are succumbing to depression. Others are appreciating the stillness and going deeper inside themselves for self-exploration.

Why the disparity?

I believe some of it is related back to how we forged ourselves before this pandemic.

Do we look at the world with curiosity or fear or anger? Do we step out, be bold, try new things, or do we wait to see if it’s safe, accepted, ok? Do we learn new things or do we accept where we are in life?

Do we decide, this “thing” that is happening is merely an event over which I have no control? If so, then, the big question,

Now What?!

That simple question, I believe, is the beginning of resilience.



the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, toughness.

When I think of resilience, I think of people like

  • Nelson Mandela who spent over 27 years in prison and came out not bitter but determined to end apartheid and became president – inspiring millions across the globe.
  • Malala Yousafzai, the girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban and recovered, again, not bitter but determined to enable girls to go to school safely and started a foundation – inspiring millions across the globe.
  • Hyacinth Belcher, the business owner who lost 98% of her events business the first week of the pandemic and has pivoted to start an additional business called Capricorn Drive-In, a safe distancing event space for movies, music, and more! She is impacting her family, her team (who are and are like family), and thousands of people in the Dallas area.

Resilience – it is a choice.

Of course, this crazy pandemic happened. Of course, it is hard for a great many of us. Of course, we feel saddened, mad, bored, overwhelmed, scared. But …

There is the event, the thing, that happened and then there is the story we tell ourselves about what happened. We cannot confuse the two.

Resiliency is when we choose to acknowledge the event and then say, “ok, now what?” It is consistently moving forward. It is choosing to do the next right thing and eventually figuring out where that is leading us. It is stepping out in faith, in the knowledge that we are strong and even stronger together.

Resiliency is hope with action.

How are you being resilient today? Really, share with us so we can be inspired to step up and step out as well!