sandi mitchell change management consulting firm

For over six years, my team and I have helped businesses achieve transcendent growth through purposeful leadership. We have and will continue to help business leaders overcome limitations, inspire their teams, and foster consistent purposeful growth that helps advance their companies and communities.

Often times it is easy to forget that I too am a business owner and team leader. While I am extremely proud of the work that my team and I have been able to accomplish, I must also recognize and overcome my own company’s limitations to set a corrective and beneficial course.

Before my clients make an important decision, I always ask, “is this serving you? Is this getting you closer to your vision?” Now, I too must ask myself the same for my company.

For a couple of years I have considered rebranding. Primarily to enhance the APEX name recognition, but most importantly because of our company’s development. When we added EOS—Entrepreneurial Operating System, APEX Leadership Mastery became more than the name denoted. With a global network of experts and clients, I wanted to reflect our ability to aid you and your company wherever it may be, in whatever area it requires.

Whichever area you want to develop, someone from our team can assist in enhancing your strengths and eliminating your weaknesses. We create the infrastructure that allows you to focus on your speciality, so that you are running the business, the business is no longer running you.

Our vision is to become the catalyst towards the evolution of your business. As we delve deeper in your organization’s processes and uncover your personality traits, together we can create a strategic plan to scale your business and position your managers to become extraordinary leaders. If you are as unafraid of change as we are, we encourage you to join us on this journey to reach new heights.

This being said, I am happy to announce a new era in which APEX Leadership Mastery becomes Apex Catalyst Group; a business management firm that implements change management with a special focus in organizational and leadership development.